Who is David Ramos?

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I'm a Christian author and teacher who is in love with the truths found in Scripture. God has used my writing to impact thousands of believers, to guide them in their search for purpose, and to open their eyes to the treasure that is the Bible.

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What I Believe in 3 Words.

ramos jesus

I believe He is the Son of God, the Savior of Man, and that I (and you) can have a real relationship with Him today!

bible ramos

It is the inspired Word of God. Powerful, complicated, and the primary way Christians can begin to know God.

foundation ramos

The Old Testament informs everything I write and teach because it is what Jesus taught from. I love the OT and deeply believe the church could benefit from using it more.


Can You Trust Me?

Whenever I stumble across a new Christian author or teacher, this is the question I ask myself. Can I trust this person? Will they provide me with truth, or are they leading me down the wrong path?

I take what I do very seriously. Everything I teach is firmly grounded in Scripture. If you want to see for yourself, head to my books page and grab one of my free books.

I also believe a solid education is the basis for solid, Christian teaching. My undergraduate degree was in Classical and Medieval Studies, where I learned about the world of Scripture and the rhythms of history. From there, I attended Ashland Theological Seminary where I completed a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies. The pastors and professors at Ashland equipped me serve God to greater heights, by seeking Him to greater depths.

Most important of all, I love God and I love people. God changed my life and He’s waiting to change yours. Salvation is only the beginning of the adventure. There’s so much He has in store for you if you are willing to surrender, to risk, and to trust.


Your Next Step

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