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Additional Writing

I've written 100+ guest blog posts for a variety of websites, self-published 1,000,000+ words through Amazon KDP, and completed countless other writing projects over the last decade.
Most of those links have been buried under Google updates, website changes, and other factors. So, in an effort to keep better track of my work across the internet, I will start linking directly to all of the articles I write outside of my blog
Below, you can find a curated list of my work across the topics of Business, Education, Religion, and Self-Improvement. 


Microservices as a Model for Modularization. Profit & Scholar. December 15, 2020.

Modularization in Higher Education. Profit & Scholar. December 11, 2020.

Adaptation in Higher Education. Profit & Scholar. December 8, 2020.

What is Profit & Scholar?. Profit & Scholar. December 4, 2020.

5 Reasons Why Being Introverted is an Advantage in Entrepreneurship. Medium. April 6, 2020.

Next Time You’re Raising Money, Do This. Medium. March 5, 2020.



From One Spouse To Another. Speak Your Silence. December 16, 2019.

Full List of 20+ Bible Reading Plans. YouVersion. 2017 - 2019.

Results of the 2018 Church Social Media Survey. LinkedIn. January 7, 2019.



Self-Assessment Collection. LinkedIn. October 5, 2018.

3 (Free) Platforms To Build Your Personal Brand Online. LinkedIn. October 2, 2018.



What to Do With Rob Bell's "What Is the Bible". Missio Alliance. May 31, 2017. 



What the Old Testament Has To Say About This Election. Patheos. July 27, 2016.

Secrets to King David’s Success. Purpose House. July 12, 2016.

Human Christians: An Exegetical Study of Luke 2:22-40. Master’s Thesis at ATS. 2016.



This year I began to focus my writing efforts towards self-publishing on Amazon. You can review my works on this book page.



A Billionaire’s Advice: The One Book Every Entrepreneur Should Read. Addicted 2 Success. November 12, 2014.

25 Lessons About Life I Learned in 25 Years. Pick The Brain. October 19, 2014.

4 Must-Have Character Traits to be Successful. Dumb Little Man. August 20, 2014.

6 Ideas To Help You Bounce Out of Depression. The Bounce Blog. June 30, 2014.



How To Spend Your Seminary Summer. Best Seminary. July 13, 2013.

Is Something Wrong With Seminary? Best Seminary. April 26, 2013.

The Reality of Seminary Debt. Best Seminary. April 1, 2013.

Suffering in Seminary. Best Seminary. March 25, 2013.

Dating in Seminary. Best Seminary. February 11, 2013.



Undergraduate vs. Seminary: What I Want To Do vs. Who I Want To Be. Best Seminary. December 31, 2012.

How To Manage Time in Seminary. Best Seminary. December 10, 2012.

From Engineer to Seminary Student. Here’s Why. Best Seminary. December 3, 2012.