If you don't know where you're going, any road'll take you there. - Lewis Carroll


I believe every person should have a bucket list - a framework of defined, clear goals and experiences they want to achieve. I know lists like these lend themselves well to my personality type. But you should ask yourself - if you don't know where you're heading, how will you get there? If you don't know where you want to end up, how will you know if you're making progress?

Below is a list I plan to work from (and grow!) over the next several decades. By posting it online, I want to invite you in on my journey, and hopefully encourage you in the process. 

As Christians, we know this life isn't our final destination. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't make this gift of a life as extraordinary as possible!


Topics Below:

  • Travel
  • Experiences
  • Education
  • Person
  • Life Event
  • Accomplishment
  • Christianity


  1. Visit Haiti (2010)
  2. Visit Puerto Rico (Multiple Times)
  3. Visit Aruba (2016)
  4. Go To Space
  5. Travel To Europe
  6. Walk Through Oxford University & Bodleian Library
  7. Ride A Double-Decker Bus In London
  8. Travel To A Volcano
  9. Eat At A 3-Star Michelin Restaurant
  10. Eat At A 2-Star Michelin Restaurant
  11. Eat At A 1-Star Michelin Restaurant
  12. Stay At A 5 Star Hotel
  13. Take A Picture With A Pyramid In Egypt
  14. Travel To Italy
  15. Ride A Gondola
  16. Stand Next To A Giant Redwood Tree
  17. Take Entire Family On All-Inclusive Island Vacation
  18. See The Northern Lights
  19. Visit Harvard, Princeton And Yale Universities (2007)



  1. Skydiving (April 2010)
  2. See Imagine Dragons Live (June 2018)
  3. See Paramore Live (2010)
  4. Drive A Race Car (June 2014)
  5. Go To A Professional Racing School
  6. Go Snorkeling (2016)
  7. Make Pasta From Scratch (2017)
  8. Give A $10,000 Gift
  9. Ride Hot Air Balloon
  10. Grow A Garden And Eat The Produce
  11. Run A Spartan Race
  12. Learn To Surf
  13. See A Formula 1 Race In Person
  14. Attend High School Reunion (2017)
  15. See A TED Talk Live (CLE Multiple Years)



  1. Get Bachelor’s Degree (Cleveland State, 2012)
  2. Get Master’s Degree (Ashland Seminary, 2016)
  3. Get Post-Grad Certificate (Princeton, 2017)
  4. Get Doctoral Degree
  5. Receive Honorary Doctorate



  1. See John Williams Perform Live (April 2018)
  2. Meet Walter Brueggemann (2016)
  3. Meet John Piper
  4. Meet Joyce Meyer
  5. Meet Rob Bell
  6. Meet Eric Metaxas (November 2012)
  7. Meet Donald Miller (November 2012)


Life Event

  1. Get Married And Have Wedding (Oct 2015 / Sept 2016)
  2. Write My Will
  3. Become A Father
  4. Become Grandfather



  1. Start Youtube Channel (March 2014 & May 2017)
  2. Hit 100,000 Youtube Subscribers
  3. Write A Book (November 2015 + Many More!)
  4. Have My Books Reach 1,000,000 Readers
  5. Start A Business (August 2014 & July 2017)
  6. Make $1,000,000 In 1 Year In My Business
  7. Have A Net Worth Of 1 Million Dollars
  8. Own A Dodge Viper



  1. Read 100 Books On The Book Of Job
  2. Read Through The Entire Bible With My Wife
  3. Send Pastor On All-Expenses Paid Vacation
  4. See A Biblical Miracle In Person
  5. Lead A Person To Jesus Through My Writing