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  • 12/9/18 - Raised over $500 on #GivingTuesday which helped us pay off an entire loan provider. Just 1 provider left and about 17k from our goal!

  • 11/5/18 - Thanks to your generosity and God’s provision we have hit 31% of our goal!

  • 10/12/18 - We received a number of requests from people who wanted to donate by check. I added a mailing address below where we can receive those generous gifts.

  • 10/3/18 - Published YouVersion Reading Plan - Debt-Free: God’s Promise, Our Duty & Your Freedom

  • 9/27/18 - Received first gift and collectively hit 11% of total goal.


This year my wife and I are asking God to show up in a big way by eliminating our remaining student debt so that we can move into the next season of life.

This has been our goal for a number of years now, but because I was so sick for the first half of 2018 our momentum was completely sucked dry. Between doctor bills and life events, our progress slowed to snail’s pace. Then something happened.

As I grew healthier, my wife and I began to pray differently. We prayed with more boldness, more faith. All the ridiculous challenges we faced brought us lower than we thought possible. But the experience also taught us what we could survive. It gave us a resolve we didn’t have before. It was in the midst of this inner transformation and emboldened faith that we felt led to pray for complete debt-freedom by the end of 2018.

Why this? Because in order to happen, it would so clearly have to be a God-thing. There’s no other logical way for us to accomplish this goal. Either God steps in, or we fail.

It’s with this no-plan B faith that we wrote the following support letter. I invite you into our story, and into the work God is doing in, around, and through us.

Support Letter

What dream are YOU pursuing?

David and Brea Ramos

Brea and I (David) were the first ones in our families to go to college. It was an exciting and, at times, overwhelming adventure which continues to profoundly shape who we are to this day.

Because of this, we’ve dedicated our careers to helping other people. Brea through her work with trauma survivors (domestic violence, abuse, mental health) and me through the familiar route of education (community college and religious studies). Its been a dream that has carried us this far, and that dream needs your help to reach the next stage.

You know how much education costs. Based off statistics, you probably took out student loans at one point in your journey too. You felt the burden they placed on your “options” and celebrated as that mountain of debt shrunk over the years. 

Since 2015, we’ve committed to crushing debt like nobody’s business. And its because of that dedication we were able to shrink our $80,000+ mountain to just over $20,000. There was some blood, sweat, and definitely some tears. But by the grace of God and each other’s support, we did the best we could with what we had.

Now, it’s time to invite you into the story.

Have you ever asked someone to help you accomplish your dream? Well, it can be a little awkward…but, it also forces you to plant your stake in the ground and declare, “This is the direction I’m heading, either join in or move outta my way!”

I hope one day Brea and I are in a position to help you realize your goal. And right now, you have the power to help us realize ours.

Would you consider donating $25 to help us reach debt-freedom?

Every dollar counts and we seriously thank you for your support.


Why now?

After seeking advice from people we love and respect, praying, and discussing it at length (there were many midnight talks!) we’ve reached the decision that my wife, Brea, will continue her education and pursue a Ph.D. in Sociology. This next level of training will equip her to better serve the people she has a heart for and tackle the issues she is passionate about.

Obviously, I’m crazy proud of her and want to support her in every way possible. But in order to make the Ph.D. program more than just a possibility, we need to reach a healthier financial position and eliminating the remaining student loans will do just that.


Will $25 actually help?

Yes! Don’t get me wrong, if you want to give more we FULLY support that.

Over the life of a student loan with moderate interest rates, your $25 could be worth up to $46. That means your gift nearly doubles in value the second you give it.


Is there a deadline to give by?

The goal date we set is December 22, 2018. The sixth-year anniversary of our first date and one week after Brea’s Ph.D. applications are due.


Anything else I should know?

Just that you are awesome for taking a few minutes to read our story! We appreciate whatever support you are able to give.


Sincerely, humbly, and wholeheartedly,

Thank You.

 David and Brea Ramos

You can also mail checks to the following address:

David Ramos
PO 42272
Cleveland, Ohio 44142

Things To Know

Our goal with this specific blog post to:

  1. Invite you into our journey.

  2. Publicly share progress (I’ll be posting updates to this blog along the way).

  3. Celebrate here with you when the goal is met!

The tool we chose to help us on this journey is LoanGifting.com.

  • The platform connects directly to our student loans and charges a very small fee for collecting payment. Therefore everyone who donates can know 100% that their money actually went towards paying off student loans.

  • They’ve help users pay off over $20 million in student debt, which is an awesome accomplishment in the few years they have been around.

  • If you want to know more, here is a link explaining How It Works.

Here is the full link to donate: https://www.loangifting.com/gift/158306-davidandbrearamos