Podcasts are growing like wildfire these days. After only 2 months of having my Testament Heroes Podcast on iTunes, the audience has doubled in size and my monthly listens have grown from the hundreds into the thousands (which is still hard for me to believe!).

Podcasts are an excellent free resource to learn a new topic, help you change some aspect of your life, or (like mine) encourage you to build a daily practice of seeking God and His Word. Because the surge in podcasting is so new, it can be difficult to navigate how they work. There's no simple way (yet) to share a clip of an episode or a direct way to support the creators and their work. But there is one thing we can do that is both important and effective: leave a review.

I make sure to always leave a review for a podcast once I've listened to a couple of episodes. In reality, a review is much more than just a review, it's an opportunity for:

  • Giving the creator meaningful feedback and suggestions
  • Showing your appreciation for what they are doing and how they have helped you
  • A resource for browsers to see if this particular podcast is actually what they are looking for.


How To Leave a Podcast Review in the Apple Podcast App

Below I will walk you through how to leave a review in the podcast app (if you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod). I've also included screenshots from my personal phone to help.

david ramos phone podcast

Step 1: Click on the Podcast App

On the lower right hand side of my screen, you will see the purple app with white circles that says Podcasts underneath. Go ahead and click on that. (Note: I moved my app to be in the bottom right corner. Yours will likely be on one of the first two screens of your device.)

christian podcast testament heroes

Step 2: Click on the Search Option

Once you are in the podcast app, you will see a number of options along the bottom panel. At the right end of the panel is the Search option (which is purple in the picture). Click on that and you will see the Search bar appear at the top of the screen.

christian podcast testament

Step 3: Type in the Podcast Title or Subject

Once you click into the search bar, you will be able to find podcasts by their titles and/or their subjects. In the picture to the right I typed in "testament heroes." You can see that while it did bring up my own podcast, the search results also brought up related items. 

The results list individual episodes first and the actual podcast itself below. To get to the next step for leaving a review, click on the cover art for the podcast you want to review (and not on an individual episode).

review christian podcast ramos

Step 4: Write the Review

You're almost there!

Once you click on the podcast cover art, you should see a screen that looks similar to the one I have on the right. Here you will see the cover art again, along with the option to subscribe, and another panel of options below that. In the middle of this panel is the Reviews section.

Click on the Reviews section and it will open up any existing reviews, while also giving you the option to Write a Review

Click on Write a Review and you will be prompted to sign in to your Apple ID account (this is password you use to download apps, iTunes music, and more).

Once you're signed in, you can write a great review and give the podcast 1 to 5 stars. Once you've written your review, click Send in the upper right hand corner and you're all set! You officially submitted your first podcast review!


I hope you found this short guide helpful. If you have any questions, or see something that wasn't covered above, please tell me in the comments below.

Also, if you have not subscribed to the Testament Heroes Podcast yet, now is your chance! Give it a listen and be sure to leave it a review once you've listened to a few episodes - I truly appreciate it.