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Kajabi Affiliate Program: How To Get Started

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Affiliate programs are one of the most user-friendly and reliable methods of making money online as a beginner. The first $0.25 I made online was actually from an affiliate program where you would get 1 quarter for every new email signup you gained for the company. I wrote a quick post on Blogger, added an affiliate link, and within hours made my first few cents online. Since then, I've been hooked.

Both content creation and affiliate programs have come a long way since the early 2000s. It’s entirely doable for beginners to make their first few hundred dollars as an affiliate in only a couple of weeks (or even days!). That’s probably why you’re here today. You’re looking into affiliate programs you can use to grow your passive income.

In this article, you’re going to learn everything you need to do 2 things:

  1. Decide if Kajabi’s affiliate program (aka Partner Program) is right for you.
  2. Get started if it is a good fit!

Let’s get started with the basics.


Overview of the Kajabi Affiliate Program

The Kajabi Partner Program allows you to earn a 30% lifetime commission on any referral you send their way who starts using their platform. If you’re not sure how much that is, the approximate range is between $44.70 - $116.70 per month per referral.

Personally, I found that most of my referrals choose the Growth Pricing Plan which awards me around $59.70 per month per person. This amount is recurring and only stops when your referral stops using Kajabi. If you want to know how I reached all of these numbers, you will want to read the article I wrote about Kajabi’s pricing plans and what the major differences are between each level.

As you could imagine, the numbers add up pretty quickly. Even just going from 1 to 10 referrals could catapult this passive income stream from $40+ a month to over $1,000+ a month. On the official Kajabi Partner page, they list out a beautiful grid of the different affiliate levels, along with the income potentials for each one.

  • Blue – 1 Active Referral, up to $1,119.60 per year
  • Bronze – 3 Active Referrals, up to $3,358.80 per year
  • Silver – 5 Active Referrals, up to $5,598.00 per year
  • Gold – 10 Active Referrals, up to $11,196.00 per year
  • Emerald – 25 Active Referrals, up to $27,990.00 per year
  • Diamond – 50 Active Referrals, up to $55,980.00 per year (+$500 per month car stipend)
  • Platinum – 100 Active Referrals, up to $111,960.00 per year
  • Legend – 200 Active Referrals, up to $223,920.00+ per year

One thing most people don’t know about is the prizes associated with each level. As noted above, you get an additional stipend each month at the Diamond level to spend on vehicle expenses, which is awesome!

At the lower levels, you get some pretty great gear such as a Yeti mug, Patagonia jacket, Apple Watch, and more. I couldn’t find a complete list of gifts/prizes anywhere online, so once I make it to Platinum (maybe with your help 😉) I’ll write a comprehensive post on the topic.


How to Join & Become a Kajabi Partner

It’s a pretty simple process to become an affiliate for Kajabi.

Step 1: Become a Kajabi user (You can use this link to start a free 28 day trial).

Step 2: Sign in and complete your partner application. (Source

Step 3: Wait for Kajabi’s approval and for your Partner Dashboard to appear.

It really is a painless process, especially when compared to some of the outrageous hoops many other affiliate programs make you jump through. Below, I've inserted a quick screenshot of what the Partner Dashboard looks like once you're signed in.

At the top, you’ll see a Partner Leaderboard. This is where all of the top affiliates compete for exclusive prizes, usually on a weekly or monthly basis. These are the heavy hitters who have all reached Platinum or Legend status.

Below that, you’ll see information related to your specific account, such as what partner level you’re at, when you joined, how many affiliates you’ve referred, how many clicks your campaigns have received, and an overview of your affiliate earnings. You’ll also see how many more referrals you need to reach the next partner level (this section will also tell you what additional prize you’ll receive once you reach it).

Below that is the Campaigns section. This is where the magic happens.


How to Create Affiliate Links for Kajabi

The majority of your affiliate work will take place in the Campaign area. There, you’ll have three categories of campaigns: Active, Closed, and Custom.

Closed campaigns are promotions Kajabi ran in the past and are now unavailable. Custom campaigns allow you to create unique links for your audience in order to promote their product. Active campaigns are currently available and allow you to create live links to share with your audience.

At any one time, there are typically 3-5 active campaigns available for you to choose from. Each one links to a carefully crafted sales page that has been created by Kajabi staff members to convert your traffic into paid users. In the Active campaign area, you’ll see the title of the campaign, how many people have clicked on your affiliate link, how many people are currently trialing the software, how many people have purchased Kajabi through that link (i.e., Active), and how much money have you made for each campaign.

Here are a few of the campaigns I currently have access to:

The 28 Day ChallengeCampaign Link

This one is the most popular because it doubles the trial period people are normally able to access on their own through the main Kajabi website (from 14 days to 28 days).

Get StartedCampaign Link

This page is built around the power of testimonials and works hard to disrupt people stuck in the imposter syndrome mindset.

Kajabi HomepageCampaign Link

Lastly, this option takes people directly to the Kajabi homepage. I’ve never gotten any affiliate through this campaign, but it might come in handy one day.


How Does Kajabi Compare to Other Affiliate Programs

This is a great question. In the article I wrote answering the question What is Kajabi, I mention that comparing Kajabi to other platforms is often like comparing apples to oranges. They do different things, and most of the time, on a feature to feature basis, Kajabi does more.

Therefore, comparing the affiliate programs by commissions only doesn’t tell the whole story – just something to keep in mind.

  • The Teachable affiliate program offers 30% commissions, which could award you anywhere from $8 to $89 a month.
  • The Thinkific affiliate program offers a 20% commission. Their range would be from $7 to $99 a month.
  • The Clickfunnels affiliate program offers up to 40% commission and ranges from $38 to $118 a month in most cases.
  • The Coursera affiliate program offers 20 – 45% commission and can range from a few dollars up to several thousand (there are a lot of factors).


If you found this article helpful, I encourage you to try Kajabi for yourself. This link will take you to the 28 Day campaign mentioned above. I’ll leave you with my best advice for new affiliates: do things your own way.

There are thousands of people who will switch to Kajabi this year and the next and the one after that. A portion of them won't listen to me or any of the current Legend partners. But they'll listen to you—a person with your backstory, skills, and interests.

Your uniqueness makes you indispensable. Don’t hide it.