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How Does Kajabi Community Work?

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People crave support. They want to be surrounded by humans who are chasing the same dreams, pursuing the same goals, and overcoming the same struggles.

Building online communities like these has been one of the greatest opportunities and challenges of the internet. Thankfully, the tools continue to get better, which brings us to the subject of this article: the Kajabi Community.

Over the last few years, online course creators have supplemented their instruction by forming communities around their topic. These were primarily hosted on social media channels, like Facebook Groups, or on messaging platforms, like Slack. However, these tools brought with them a number of limitations, including a lack of organization, unnecessary complexity, and a tendency to become spam-factories.

Kajabi created its Community product as a direct answer to this problem. They wanted to give course creators and membership site owners a way to interact with their customers within the same platform.

In this article, you'll learn everything you need to know to create, customize, and run a thriving Kajabi Community. If you would like a hands-on look at how the Community operates, take the #KajabiHero 28 Day Challenge and sign-up for your free trial. You’ll get full access to all of Kajabi’s tools, including a library full of helpful tutorials to help you reach success even faster.


What is a Kajabi Community?

A Kajabi Community is a few things.


First, it’s a “product” within Kajabi. This means that you can create as many communities as you want, depending on the Kajabi plan you choose. Other Kajabi products include mini-courses, online courses, membership sites, and digital downloads.

You can grant access to your community by creating an offer, and your offer can be free or paid. Read this article I wrote for a step by step guide to linking products and offers together in Kajabi.

Also, because it is a product, you can expect it to get regular updates over time. Each Kajabi product fits into specific "themes" which give the item its look and functionality. As of writing this, we are still in the 1st version of Kajabi’s Community product, so you can expect it to only get better from here (plus, they actually listen and act on the feedback they get from their customers, so if there is a feature you want to see in the Community the chances are pretty good it’ll show up).


Second, Kajabi Communities are private. Because access to a community is restricted based on the offer attached to it, you (the owner) get a say in who gets in. Additionally, they are hosted on your website, so random people searching through social media or other alternative forums won’t be able to spam you with requests for access (trust me, this happens all the time on Facebook).


Third, it functions similarly to other online communication tools so your members won't feel like they have to learn something new from scratch. Later in this article, I'll cover all of the posting functions available so you can see how easy it is for your members to support one another.



Fourth, you and your members can access your Community through the Kajabi mobile app (this goes for any product offered through Kajabi). Most internet traffic (70%+ -find source) now happens through mobile devices. This is one reason why you want to make sure the content and communities you create can be easily accessed by your customers.

The Kajabi app is available for iPhones, Androids, Google phones, and more. It’s incredibly simple to use, which is a huge benefit. Another feature I love is that the Kajabi app allows you to access any product hosted on a Kajabi website that you’ve purchased through your email.

So, when I log in to the app with my primary email address, I immediately gain access to every course I’ve purchased and all of the communities I am a part of. This makes potential collaborations with other creators infinitely more achievable and user-friendly.



How To Create a Community in Kajabi

You can create a new community in Kajabi in just a few short minutes following these steps.


Step 1: Click on Products in the Dashboard.

Step 2: Click on the + New Product button in the upper right-hand corner.

Step 3: Click on Community from the product template options and give it a name.

Step 4: Click Save and get ready to customize!



It really is that simple. Once you’re inside the Community product, you’ll have a few options to customize.


Edit Details

The first items you’ll want to change are the Details for your group. This is where you can alter the Title, fill out the Description, add a Product Thumbnail (this is what your members will see in their Library when they login and enter the group), upload a logo for the community (optional), choose the primary and accent colors, set the “homepage” view to either Feed or Topics (we’ll cover this in a minute), and edit the Navigation menu options members will see once they are logged in.



The next step is to customize your Sidebar. This option will present a static message, image, or embedded item for all members to see within your community.

An excellent way to use this section is to layout your community guidelines, schedule (if you plan to do any office hours or live Q&A sessions), or link to time-sensitive and important content.




From the admin side of the Community product, you'll also have the ability to create Topics for your members to use.

The Community has two basic views once you’re inside: Feed and Topics. The Feed view looks very similar to other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, which present users with a steady stream of content that is organized chronologically (most recent posts are seen first, at the top).

The Topics view resembles more traditional forum layouts where individual categories are shown, along with the number of posts present in that category. Users can then choose which Topic they want to interact with, and they will only see content relevant to that specific category.

My recommendation is that you create 2-3 topics to begin with so that you can experiment with the organization within your group.



The last piece is to create offers so that people can access your Community. It's worth reiterating that you can link as many offers as you want to any single product. For example, whenever I am experimenting with a new creation, I usually create a "beta" offer so that I can grant certain individuals free access. Then, I go ahead and create a standard paid offer as well. You could also accomplish this by making a 100% coupon for your paid offer, but I prefer to track metrics through separate offers.


Once you're all through customizing your details, sidebar, topics, and offers, your Community should look something like the screenshot above. 


How To Post in a Kajabi Community

When people ask, "how does Kajabi community work" they're usually asking about the posting function. Let’s break down the basics.

Once you're inside the Community, you'll see either the Feed or Topics first, depending on the homepage structure you've chosen in Details.


To write a post, click on the "Write Something…" field and begin to type out your message.

You also have the options to:

  • Upload an image
  • Link to a video (e.g., YouTube)
  • Link to an external website or article

Video links will embed a small viewer so that the other members can view your video right inside the group. Article and web links will open the items in a new tab for those who click on them.


Members can interact with each other’s posts in a few ways.

They can Like the post by clicking the heart icon.

They can Comment on the post by writing and/or linking to additional content.

They can Follow the post by clicking the star icon in the top right corner of the post. This will notify them of any follow-up comments or interactions. You can toggle this option on and off by click on the star icon again or clicking the 3 dots and selecting Unfollow.

The 3 dot menu also allows you to Pin posts and Edit or Delete your own.


Additional Community Features

Here are a few more features worth noting about the Kajabi Community.

They’re searchable. On the right side of the Community, above the Sidebar, there is a Search bar where you can search for words or phrases that have appeared in your group. This is an excellent tool to have on hand when you are preparing for a Q&A session or have a larger group to manage.

You can use YouTube Live to stream directly into your group. It’s a straightforward process for which you can read the details in this Help Center article. This could be a great strategy to increase engagement within the group by having them respond to your Live video directly in the comments within the Community.

Future updates are on their way. I encourage you to follow Kajabi’s blog, where they post regular updates about what they're working on and what their Heroes have to look forward to. Communities are one of the newest products available from Kajabi, so you can be sure they are high on their priority list to perfect.


Want To Join a Free Community?

Many of the screenshots within this article were taken from the Think Different Community. I created this group so that new Kajabi users could support one another, and I would have a way to answer questions in a more direct way.

You can gain access to the group for free by signing up for a free trial of Kajabi. You'll be able to see a live community in action while also having access to all of the tools you need to build your own.

Good luck, and I hope to see you inside!