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What are Kajabi Pipelines?

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Access to Kajabi Pipelines was a major reason I decided to make the switch from the suite of products I was using a few years ago to Kajabi’s one-stop-shop platform.

In this article, you’re going to learn exactly what pipelines are, how they work, and how to best use them to get real results for your online business.

If you want a hands-on experience of how these pipelines work, you can click this link for a 1-month full access trial. You’ll be able to build a complete pipeline, product, and launch it before the trial is up. It’s not uncommon for people like you to have Kajabi pay for itself (or x10!) before the trial is even completed.

Now let’s jump right in.


What Are Kajabi Pipelines

Think of Kajabi pipelines as optimized funnels. Kajabi itself is made up of numerous pieces that allow you to streamline your business by only using a single tool: website, email, pipelines, offers, products, and more.

The benefit of using a pipeline that is already part of a complete platform is that there are 0 integrations to worry about. This means, from day 1, everything will work together. Every blog post will seamlessly feed into email leads, which can be fed into robust pipelines that nurture your audience into ready-to-buy customers for your products.

It’s honestly wonderful. When technology simplifies your business, making money becomes easier.

Here is how Kajabi thinks about their own pipelines:


“In a treasure map, various locations are strung together to lead to the treasure. In the same way, Pipelines string together landing pages and email campaigns to ultimately lead a potential customer to a purchase.”

Kajabi Help Center


I appreciate this phrasing because of the framework it offers you as a business owner. Rather than seeing the treasure as the sale you are trying to secure, think of treasure as the product you’ve created that will help your customer.

Now, instead of trying to sell your customer a thing, you’re simply giving them a map to help them find what they’ve been looking for all along. You are the guide while they become the hero.


Who Do Kajabi Pipelines Consist Of

The basic building blocks of any pipeline are:

  • Landing Pages
  • Emails
  • and Offers.

Landing pages are exactly what they sound like: pages people land on 😎. But in all seriousness, these pages serve 1 clear purpose: they get people to take action. That action could be filling in an opt-in form, watching a video, clicking the buy button, or any other decisive act you think of.

Typically, these landing pages will lead into an email sequence where the customer gets more information, value, and deepens their relationship with you and your business.

Finally, every pipeline must lead somewhere: an offer. Offers are the price you attach to any product you build in Kajabi. These can be 1-time payments, multi-payments, and more. Your offer should be attractive (using tools like scarcity), appropriate (the price-value should make sense for your audience), and accessible (it should lead to immediate access or a similar fast, positive response for your customer’s benefit).

Most pipelines follow the OVO Framework, which I've just outlined the basics of above. OVO stands for:

  • Opt-in
  • Value
  • Offer.

The opt-in phase usually comes from the landing page interaction. You capture the lead (i.e., they opt-in) so that you can give them more “value.”

The value is delivered through emails, videos, or additional downloadable content. Usually, you give your customers something to consume so that they can achieve a win with your information and, ideally, return to you as a trusted source.

Finally, you grant them an offer by giving them the opportunity to purchase your product, online course, or community membership. At this point, they’ve already built a relationship with you and understand the value you are able to provide. So, if you’ve used the pipeline correctly, the offer should be a heck yes! for your ideal customer.


How To Build A Pipeline In Kajabi

You can create your first pipeline in about 30 seconds.

Once you have a Kajabi account, click on the Marketing tab on the left-hand side of the Dashboard. You'll see a few additional options appear, including Pipelines. Click on the Pipelines option, then on the + New Pipeline button in the upper right-hand side of the page.

At this point, you can either choose from Kajabi’s ever-growing template library of pre-built pipelines or make your own from scratch.

You can watch a 30-second walkthrough of what I’ve explained in this video:



Regardless of which level of Kajabi you choose, you will gain immediate access to 14+ pipeline templates. The first 7+ are built around the OVO framework and include things like sales pages, launch windows, evergreen webinars, and more.



The second set is called Legacy pipelines, and they contain the fundamental building blocks of any funnel you've seen online. Depending on what you want to build, a legacy pipeline might be the way to go.



Remember, regardless of which pipeline you choose, you will still be able to customize all of the major components, including: page and email copy, video content, timing, delivery order, automations, and more.


How Many Pipelines Do You Get with Kajabi

This is an important question, but let me preface my answer with a quick story.

After switching to Kajabi, I built a $1,500 per month income stream (in addition to my self-published book income) with a single 3-step pipeline. It took me about 2 hours to develop, implement, and launch.

More pipelines ≠ more sales.

A simple, well-thought-out pipeline will always perform better than a dozen complicated funnels haphazardly thrown into the world. Sorry for the rant 😅.

Depending on the pricing level you choose for Kajabi you will get one of three options:

  • With Kajabi Basic you will get 3 Pipelines
  • With Kajabi Growth, 15 Pipelines
  • With Kajabi Pro, 100 Pipelines.

Granted, I do recommend the Growth plan most often since it allows you to create your own Affiliate Programs for your course or membership product. But honestly, if you are just starting out with your online business – stick with the Basic plan. It will have 100% of what you need to hit your first monetary goal.


What’s Next

Pipelines are an essential tool for running a successful online business.

They give your business and your customers a reliable structure. Order eliminates guesswork. And when the guesswork is gone, success becomes a simple math equation.

If I know that for every 100 people who reach my pipelines (i.e., traffic), 10 of them will become customers (i.e., conversion), then I know my conversion rate is 10% (10/100 = 0.1 or 10%).

By the way, Kajabi makes it easy to see all of your pipeline statistics on a single page:



I can use that conversion rate to determine things like my lead value, ROI (return on investment), ROAS (return on ad spend), and more. These are vital numbers for being able to grow your business in a responsible and profitable manner.

Pipelines make these numbers possible.

If you’d like to start experimenting with a pipeline in Kajabi today, use this link to access your free 1-month trial. You’ll get full access to all of Kajabi’s tools so that you can build a simple, profitable business you actually enjoy running.