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40+ Kajabi Website Examples to Motivate You (Updated 2021)

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I switched to Kajabi so that I could spend less time on the technical side of my business and more time on creative projects. 

However, one of the challenges I faced when deciding whether or not to make the switch was the lack of Kajabi website examples I could find online. I knew of successful entrepreneurs who were using WordPress - but they were also spending $10,000 - $50,000 to make their websites competitive.

I wanted something different and I knew there were entrepreneurs out there choosing a simpler path to success by using an all-in-one platform.

Over the years, I stumbled upon creators across a variety of subjects who were doing exactly that: using Kajabi to build businesses in a time and cost-effective way. 

In this post, I want to give you what I wanted to find so badly back then... a list of real people using this platform so that you can have actual Kajabi website examples to show you what is possible. 


Kajabi 101

I'm working on building a library of resources for new (and potential!) Kajabi users. All of the articles and resources will be posted online for free, and I plan to update this list regularly. 

These will help get you started:

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Kajabi Website Examples

This list will be updated regularly as I come across new Kajabi users, heroes, and partners. I encourage you to scroll through the entire list and note which ones most resonate with you. 

Also, if you are a Kajabi user and would like your website example added to this list, the fastest way to contact me is by subscribing to my newsletter and replying directly to the content I send you.

On a side note, this list is not organized in any significant way. I wanted the variety of subjects and styles to act as a motivating factor. A creator in the corporate eLearning space may not think a mommy-blog could show them a trick or two, but that is the beautiful thing about creative inspiration. You never know where it's going to come from.



What do the ⭐'s mean?

These stars signify that this website is one of my favorite examples of what can be done on the Kajabi platform.

Why aren't there any pictures?

I toyed with the idea of including screenshots or videos in this post, but it's not enough for a website to look good - it also has to work well. That's why I think a more honest assessment of Kajajbi's potential is to have you click through to the sites that interest you most and poke around. 

See what you like and don't like. Then come back here and find another one to research. 

How can I get started with Kajabi?

Good question! The easiest way to start a 14-day free trial. This will give you full access to everything within their system so that you can make an informed decision before you switch.


The List


Emma Bromley 

Emma teaches Pilates with a strong emphasis on form and function for pre- and postnatal moms. Her website is gorgeous, professional, and a testament to how to do branding well.



Ella is a French teacher who helps students learn the language through short courses and user-friendly tactics. 


⭐ Fully Raw 

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram is one of my favorite health bloggers. When I encountered some health challenges in 2018, her information immensely helped my recovery. Her website is home to dozens of resources on raw diets, juice cleansing, and simple living. 


Brendon Burchard 

Brendon is a high-performance coach, author, and owner of one of the most successful online membership sites. He's a rare gem in the self-help space with his actionable content and research-driven advice.


VH Design Co 

A beautiful example of what can be done with Kajabi. VH specializes in educating interior design business owners on how to earn, grow, and expand.


Kelly Nentwich 

Kelly is a Certified Health Coach who specializes in helping midlife women lose weight, balance hormones, and prevent chronic disease. 


Mike Herzog 

Mike offers coaching and courses to help people close the gap between who they are and what they do.


 Maggie Landes 

Maggie is a physician nutritionist who teaches women how to get rid of food anxiety while learning to cook, love food, and optimize their health.


Survival Swim School 

This company provides a training program focused on the goal of self-rescue for kids (infants, toddlers, and young children) in water environments so that parents never have to worry about their kids drowning.



They promise to take the mystery out of how to develop an email marketing strategy and offer comprehensive audits to help your business succeed in this area.



The owner built a website around his passion for helping orthodontic practices streamline their operations, hire well, and grow rapidly.


Course Bee 

This website helps people create and manage online courses so that you and your customers have a great experience.


Revitalized Churches 

This team of pastors brings together decades of experience to help other churches grow successfully. 


 Jen Rene 

Jen is an Ashtanga Yoga teacher based in California who provides training for both students and fellow teachers of the craft.



The owner coaches women with chronic ailments through nutrition, gut health, and lifestyle strategies so they can achieve freedom.


Biz Coach Kylie

Kylie's website centers around equipping women entrepreneurs with the tools, knowledge, and confidence they need to build their business.


Chris Onthank 

Chris is a professional canine coach and animal behaviorist who helps owners develop better relationships with their dogs.


Jill Thatcher 

Jill is a children's entertainer and ventriloquist with some fun-looking puppets on her site.


Become Yoga School 

Learn exactly how to open up your own yoga training facility and implement industry best practices to ensure your success.


Denise Duffield-Thomas 

Denise is a money-mindset mentor and author with an excellent branding voice and website to match.


Penny Clements 

Penny is a designer and self-proclaimed "tech head" who helps people create their websites, courses, and other information products with Kajabi. 



Kenza is a community of like-minded parents united in their vision that career and parenthood can exist in harmony.


Ricky Lundell 

Learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, grappling, wrestling, self-defense, and more from a world champion and UFC fighter.


Streaming Om 

This website is an online yoga community with a collection of teachers and styles so that people can take part from anywhere. 


Heather Rosson

Heather offers productivity and business coaching for Christian and faith-based entrepreneurs.


Tiffany Nicole

Tiffany is a certified mindset coach and Theta Healer who helps students break their limiting beliefs, heal from trauma, and manifest what they most desire.


Chelsie Kenyon

Chelsie helps women with marketing and mindset so they can build 6-figure online businesses. 


POP Cards 

The founder, April, offers art digital downloads with a focus on being positive.


The Fight Back Project 

Georgia offers a one-of-a-kind program that brings together her varied expertise as an exercise scientist, black belt athlete, podcaster, and kickboxing instructor.



Through courses, a podcast, and more resources, Fabian will teach you how to become a pro at network marketing.


Audrey Eugenie Schlegel 

Audrey helps women land their dream job and spend less on clothing, all while feeling better about themselves and become independently wealthy in the process.


Lisa Selthofer 

Lisa helps dog owners train their dogs in a sport called Agility, by building a highly engaged and skilled team that works together to negotiate the challenges of an obstacle course.


Hockey Snacks 

Hockey Snacks provides nutrition programs for young athletes and their families to fuel their ultimate performance! 


Homeschool Open House 

Here you'll find a virtual open house to learn how to get started in homeschooling in three days or less.


Om Grown Collective 

This website offers a virtual wellness studio specializing in yoga and mindfulness, to guide you through your daily home practice.


The Beatitudes Projects

This project offers an e-course that brings together a community of songwriters, artists, and everyday people to give us a glimpse into what the invitation of the beatitudes might look like in the 21st century. 


Pain Cure Clinic 

This group helps people suffering from Tension Myositis Syndrome so they can overcome chronic pain and stress-based conditions.


Allison Sutter -

Allison delivers coaching and content related to intuitive channeling and law of attraction so that her audience can achieve new levels of success and happiness in their lives.



Merilyn helps women entrepreneurs become the leaders their worlds are craving to follow!


Online Fitness Retreat 

OFR helps people get physically and mentally in shape through online trainings from a collection of subject-matter experts. 


Cherry Blossom Yoga 

Cherry Blossom Yoga is a family-owned and operated studio located in Texas. They offer weekly classes (both in-house and online) and host world-renowned instructors for workshops, to cultivate your practice in an inviting, peaceful studio space.


Limitless Lifestyle Academy -

The coach, Dorian, is a seasoned fitness professional who works with women over 40 to help them reinvent their bodies and lives.


MPS Grants 

MPS is a grant writing and consulting firm that assists public organizations in acquiring funding solutions, from brand new nonprofits to state and local governments.


IMQueen Consulting 

Christina helps coaches, affiliate marketers and e-commerce entrepreneurs overcome their Facebook ad account issues. 


Full Plate Living

This healthy living blog focuses on helping people eat healthier without giving up their favorite foods. The images created by the author are excellent.


Deborah Case Dance Academy

Deborah is an award-winning dance instructor with a career any professional creative would envy. Now, because of Kajabi, she is able to offer her world-class instruction online.


⭐ Glossible 

If you are looking at how to start making money in the beauty industry, this is the best place to start. They offer an incredible library of courses related to the subject of makeup, fitness, shopping, and more. 



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