Let's Be Honest For A Second

You know God has more for you...

Maybe it's a bigger ministry opportunity, maybe its a new job, or another child.

Maybe the more God has for you is to begin 2019 debt free,
or disease free,
or addiction free.

Whatever your more might be, it isn't here yet and that's frustrating.

Frustrating because its taken so long. You're tired and probably no more than two disappointments away from totally giving up on that more-dream anyways. 

Before you do, I want to tell you something I heard in a sermon this past Sunday. 

Often, we're under the assumption that we are the ones waiting on God. Here we are, quietly toiling away waiting for God, in His divine grace, to break in and change our situation. 

When in reality -> God is already working. 

In the book of Acts, we see miraculous "coincidences" line up not because God's people we're sitting on their hands waiting. Instead, these miracles occur for precisely the opposite reason -> God's people were acting.

I deeply believe in the more God has for you, but it’s not going to come through a stationary life. 

What got you here won't get you there.

So it's up to you.

Not to run away or apart from God, but to run up to Him and catch up to what He is already doing in the world around you. 

That is why I wrote this book and also why I am giving it away for free during it's launch week. 

I believe in abundance. I believe that God is already moving to abundantly meet all of my needs - and so one action I can take to reflect this belief is be as generous as I can with the gifts He has blessed me with. 

I want you to have this book not for my sake, but for yours. 

Your destiny, your potential, your faith - that is between you and God, and I am thankful for the small part I get to play in your story.

But your story will never progress beyond the actions you are willing to take. So today, you get to decide:

  • Am I going to act boldly and catch up to where God is heading?

  • Or am I okay to remain on the sidelines of what God is doing? 

The choice, like this short life, is yours to make. I pray you choose well.

In Him,


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