This book (the 1st part of the new Magnetic Faith series) is a culmination of a lot of things:

  • Questions I've been asking for years
  • Bible stories I've wanted to share but wasn't sure how
  • Controversial truths I kept seeing over and over again in Scripture

This book is many things, but above everything else I prayerfully hope that it lights a fire. A fire in the soul of those whose faith has been thinned by life's hardships. A fire in the heart of those who want to want God more, but have felt caged by "religion". And a fire in the mind of those who believe the Bible has so much more power than we see on Sunday mornings. 

Below is a short description of the book, followed by a video I did introducing the series and sharing a little bit more of what God put on my heart. 



How do you activate your faith so that your life can actually begin to look and feel radically different? 

If you've ever felt like God must have better for you than where you are right now, you're correct! The Magnetic Faith series will show you exactly how to achieve the extraordinary life you were created to live. 

In this first volume, Magnetic Identity, you will dive into the Biblical formula for activating your faith as well as: 

  • Discover the "Triangle of What Controls You" - and how to begin controlling it
  • How Colossians 3 lays out the exact steps you need to take in order to transform your life
  • The 7 Core Identities God wants you to walk in - and the profound benefits of each

Magnetic Identity is a revolutionary fitness book for your faith. It will equip you to unravel the false identities that have kept you stuck, and propel you towards the confidence, abundance, freedom, and power you were made for! Magnetic Identity is the Christian's guidebook to abandoning complacency and adopting a truly courageous faith.

Buy this book and begin your new journey today!