This summer (2017) I began using the software MeetEdgar to help me streamline some of my social media marketing, and allow me more time to dedicate to Faithspring. When I joined the software I had three main goals:

  1. Get more visits to blog posts.
  2. Jump start traffic to
  3. Grow my social media following.

After about 3 months of usage, here's some stats which show just how successful MeetEdgar has been for me.


Goal #1: Increase Traffic to Main Website

I suspected MeetEdgar would help me meet this goal, because so much of my old content (which is still relevant) just wasn't being seen by my new fans. The results have been excellent. 

ramosauthor growth.PNG

Above is a analytics chart for As you can see, since June of this year the curve has been steadily going up. That upward slope represents a 62% increase in traffic to this site - and yes, that is predominantly from my social media channels.

As an unsuspected bonus, this increased traffic has resulted in more email subscribers as well. I went from averaging 3-5 new subs a day, to 6-8. 

Overall, I am very happy with how this has worked out so far. I expect the numbers to continue to increase during the holiday months (as that is one of the busiest times for authors and creators in my niche).


Goal #2: Jump Start Traffic to New Website

So, I don't have any cool charts to show you for this one because capturing analytics on my new site has proved troublesome at times. However, one source I have used to measure engagement is the number of comments I get per post, and how many times my social media posts (linking to the new site) are shared.

In both categories, I have seen positive results. My articles have averaged 2-4 comments on each. And the social posts are being shared fairly regularly. The two numbers I do have are total traffic to the site over the last 28 days: 385 visits and 926 page views. All this from two emails to my list, and the rest from social media sharing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).


Goal #3: Grow Social Media Following

Alright, time for one last cool chart:

twitter analytics.PNG

As you can see, this last goal has definitely been achieved. My Twitter account has by far seen the most growth. Having MeetEdgar in charge of sharing content has freed me up to engage more with trending hashtags, questions, and just general conversation. In the last month I've seen a few hundred new followers, along with my average impressions rising from 15k to just over 30k

On Facebook, I have seen a smaller amount of growth: 16 new page likes, and average daily engagement rising from (on average) 15-32 to 28-67 (nearly double!). 

As for LinkedIn, this is probably where I have seen the smallest amount of growth (less than 10 new connections). However, my LinkedIn audience has been a great new source for book sales (at least 3 of my sales from the last week have been directly from scheduled LinkedIn content). 



In order to truly reap the benefits of MeetEdgar, it has to fit into a larger overall social strategy. By having a steady stream of content, I've freed up hours of my time to engage with my audience on a deeper level.

This has led to increased traffic and audience growth. It's also allowed me to (for the first time in a long time) create a content calendar so that I could remain more consistent with my output.

Overall, I highly recommend you check out MeetEdgar. It's been a game-changer for me, and it could do the same for you.