Podcasts are an immensely powerful platform and I am grateful every time a fellow creator invites me onto their platform to share about the work and calling God has given me.

To make accessing these episodes as easy as possible for future reference, I am listing them all in a single comprehensive blog post.

Below you will find links to every podcast interview I have done along with a short description of what the episode includes. I hope you will find this helpful!


Podcast: The Writer’s Lens

Title: Interview 12: David Ramos, The Long Road To Authorship

Link: https://jclfaltot.com/2019/02/06/the-writers-lens-interview-12-david-ramos-the-long-road-to-authorship/

Description: We discuss why the long-game mentality is so important as well as dive into my latest book, Magnetic Faith.


Podcast: The Prolific Christian Author / The Intentional Life

Title: Episode 010 - Real Time Author Coaching

Link: http://thiendoan.net/podcast-archive/003-xc762-akab3-zd6jn-ec9dn-9zdb7-yr8zg-bxtjx?rq=david%20ramos

Description: In this episode I reveal the top 8 questions you must ask in order to make your book a success.

Title: Episode 005 - David Ramos on Self-Publishing as a Christian Author

Link: http://thiendoan.net/podcast-archive/005?rq=david%20ramos

Description: Introductory look at how I started my career as an indie author and grew my audience from 0 to over 100,000 readers in just 2 years.


Podcast: Jump Start Your Joy

Title: Episode 23: David Ramos On Finding Hope And Truth In The Old Testament 

Link: http://jumpstartyourjoy.com/2016/02/episode-23-david-ramos-on-finding-hope-and-truth-in-the-old-testament/

Description: Why the Old Testament is vital for every Christian to read and understand, and how its message has shaped my writing.

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