Congratulations! This information is my gift to you.

Over the years, books have consistently been the most important source of change and progress in my life. Which is why I dedicate time, energy, and money every single month to gathering the best materials I can find so that I can continually develop into the person God has called me to become.

Today I am sharing 25 trusted books with you:

  • 5 on the subject of Bible
  • 5 on the topic of Calling
  • 5 on the strategy of Personal Growth
  • 5 on the idea of Mindset
  • and 5 on the matter of Money

These books deeply shaped my thoughts and practices on their respective subjects, and enabled me to accomplish so many of my goals. I hope by sharing this list, you'll be able to learn, adapt, and succeed as I have. 

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Transformation Reading List RAMOS.png