This year I have the pleasure of publishing 6 7-day reading plans through the YouVersion Bible app! I am so grateful for this opportunity and am excited for thousands (and prayerfully, hundreds of thousands!) of new readers to discover the extraordinary message God has for them in the lives of these Biblical characters.

Below is a picture and brief description of each plan, along with a link to the plan on the YouVersion website. You can start the plan by using the link, or by searching for it in the app on your mobile device.

ABOUT: The Christian life requires an immense amount of faith. Often when frustrations and challenges arise, we are left wondering where God is. Thousands of years ago, a man found himself in the same struggle. God had chosen Abraham for great things. But the man who would go on to become the Father of Nations had to first learn how to take the smallest steps of faith. Start This Plan


ABOUT: Suffering is the one experience which binds all of humankind together. But why does it exist? What purpose does it serve? Like so many of us, Job was a person who didn’t deserve the immense pain that entered his life. It was at his lowest point when God showed up and provided one of the most challenging and powerful answers to the problem of pain the world has ever heard. Start This Plan


ABOUT: What kind of people does God use to accomplish His extraordinary plans? Does He call the perfect ones? Or does He reach down into this messy world and use the people we would never expect? The grandson of Abraham was no angel. Jacob was a character controlled by fear, the last person we would ever expect God to use. But God saw different and took him on an unforgettable journey! Start This Plan


ABOUT: A shepherd boy no one knew became the king no one would ever forget. Through trial and temptation, David rose to lead Israel into a new age of victory. David's victorious life is a model for our own. God has called you to greatness . He has given you the crown. This is your chance to walk alongside the great king of Israel and learn how to succeed in God's way. Start This Plan


ABOUT: Ruth had been through some of the worst things life could throw at her, yet she dared to believe God had more in store for her. This plan was written to help you understand what it takes to live boldly for God. If you’ve ever felt as though your back was against the wall and you needed God to show up in a big way, this is for you. Start This Plan


ABOUT: Esther did not have a typical queen's backstory. She was an orphan, living in a strange land with her kind cousin Mordecai. The world overlooked her potential. But God did not. Esther became queen and overcame unbelievable circumstances all because of a single truth; a truth that applies to us as well: God has chosen us for this very moment. Begin discovering today how to live out your unique calling. Start This Plan