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On Calling

  • The Purpose Driven Life – an excellent starting point to discover what God’s Word says about purpose
  • More – one of the most influential behind-the-scenes Christian leader provides his framework for showing how who are you informs what you do
  • The Call – in-depth look at how calling has functioned across history, and how to discover your own
  • Callings – collection of personal stories from people who are living their purpose
  • The Principle of the Path – understand how your direction determines your destination


On the Bible and Theology


On Growth and Development



  • The Bible Project – high quality, beautiful produced explanations of Biblical books and themes
  • 16 Personalities – excellent identifier of your core personality traits, the more you know about yourself the better you’ll be able to answer your unique call
  • Missio Alliance – organization re-imagining what the church should look and function like in the 21st century



  • Find Your Calling – no longer being updated, but excellent archived content
  • Gospel Driven – merges business and faith, provides actionable advice for Christian entreprenuers
  • Elevation Church – Bible teaching from Steven Furtick
  • Seminary Dropout – great conversations on difficult Christian topics
  • Deconstructionists – honest conversations about faith and doubt
  • What It Takes – powerful secular podcast by the American Academy of Achievement on the people who have shaped our world
  • Exploring My Strange Bible – anthology of Tim Mackie’s lectures, sermons, and classroom teachings



  • Covenant Eyes – this software is a must-have for any person who values purity (I have it on all of my devices)
  • Teachable - what I use to host all of my online courses, very easy to set up
  • Mailchimp - what I use to send beautiful emails, simple and effective
  • MeetEdgar - an absolute necessity for anyone who wants to build a strong social media presence 
  • Coinbase - understanding where the world is headed is vital, that's why I use this tool to help me study crypto